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Part of the service of Surrey Research Insight is to provide open, clear and detailed statistical reports regarding your papers and research on the Open Access Repository.

For example at the moment we can see that in November there were over 90,000 downloads of papers from the repository.

That we have now passed the 1.5 million mark of overall downloads.

That papers have been downloaded from 224 different countries and territories from places as diverse as San Marino to Guadeloupe, from Mali to Monaco and the Virgin Islands to the Vatican City.

However recently it has been brought to our attention that some academics have been finding fault with the filter list when looking up statistics for individual authors.

We thank the academics who have emailed us and we have presented your concerns to the programmers whose software we use. Accessibility to statistics regarding your research is something we take very seriously and the accuracy of this is something we pride ourselves on. This is an issue we are working very hard to resolve and we appreciate your patience.


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