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How the “author’s version” can help the impact of your research.

The Surrey Research Insight open access repository currently holds over 8,000 items. There would be many more if the correct version of the paper had been uploaded, thus allowing them much deserved worldwide attention.

Did you know….?

Most publishers – about 80% according to a recent survey – allow you to post your own version in your institution’s repository, but very few allow the published version to be posted.

Therefore, if you notice that some of your papers have not appeared in the open access repository, it may be that you have uploaded the wrong version.

How do I know if I have uploaded the correct version?

If you have uploaded the published version, or the pre-refereed draft, into Symplectic, there may be a note in the Notes field of the manual source to this effect. Please upload your author’s final version of the paper, if you have it, and we will then be able to make it open access, if copyright allows.

(If, however, there is no note there, and you have uploaded the correct version of the file, then your paper is simply in a queue and will be dealt with as soon as possible).

Please remember to keep the full text of the final, accepted version of your papers and upload them into the Symplectic Publications Database as soon after acceptance as possible.

For more information, visit http://www.surrey.ac.uk/library/sri/index.htm or contact the SRI team at sriopenaccess@surrey.ac.uk                                                                                                                                                                              



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