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Symplectic, the platform for SRI Publications Database, will be upgraded to a new version on Monday 6 July. The process will start at 10 am and will take a full day to complete.

During this period you will not be able to access Symplectic. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note that staff web pages will also be affected by this upgrade. Automatic updates from Symplectic will be suspended for about 3 weeks, as some additional work is required to synchronise the new version with staff pages.

picWhat’s new in the upgraded version?

  • The platform has been redesigned following feedback from users. The new interface has a fresh look and feel, to help you navigate and use Symplectic more easily than before.
  • The publications view has been greatly improved. You can now have a one-page view of a publication and all its aspects. The page displays all bibliographic and bibliometric data, all record views by data source and all the publication’s connections and keywords. Repository deposits are shown on the left-hand side, in addition to the entire event history of the publication. A limited view is offered to users not associated with a publication.
  • A new on acceptance workflow has been designed, to support compliance with HEFCE’s policy:

– manual data entry is much more streamlined, allowing you to enter data more quickly and easily than before;

– the system checks for duplicate records;

– the workflow includes on-screen deposit reminders, new metadata fields and guidance at every step of the process.

New user guides will be available shortly on the SRI website. If you need further guidance on using the platform, please contact sriopenaccess@surrey.ac.uk.



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ResearchGate and Copyright

ResearchGate is an online network for academic researchers, particularly focused on the sciences. It allows you to connect with colleagues, share research interests, ask questions and provide answers to research problems. The platform also offers the opportunity to upload copies of your papers. Rogers (2015) estimates that by February 2015 around 80% of ResearchGate users had uploaded at least one full text to the site. Whilst this is an excellent way to gain visibility and promote your research, it may lead to problems with the copyright policies of publishers.

If you use ResearchGate, you must take care to check which version of your work you are permitted to upload, and whether it can be uploaded at the time of publication or if an embargo must be applied. It is vital to consult your publishing agreement prior to uploading a text on ResearchGate, as different publishers allow different versions of academic papers to be uploaded to repositories and author websites: the author’s pre-print, the author’s accepted version, or the published version.

If publishers become aware that an incorrect version is being shared or an embargo is not applied then they are likely to issue take down notices or even sue authors for breach of copyright.

To get the most out of ResearchGate without risking a breach of copyright, please read the Copyright Transfer Agreement or licence that you signed to see how you are allowed to share your paper.  You can also check open access policies on the journal’s website, or by using Sherpa Romeo, a site that allows you to search for policies by journal title or ISSN. However, it is important to remember that these are only a guide: your own copyright agreement is the definitive source of information.

Getting help on copyright

The SRI team can give you further advice on copyright. Please note that we do not perform copyright checks on papers that are uploaded in ResearchGate. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are in line with your journal’s policy.

We do, however, monitor the content of the SRI Open Access repository, and offer detailed advice on what can be posted there. Please also note that SRI Open Access supports compliance with the next REF: ResearchGate does not. HEFCE does not consider that you are complying with their Open Access policy if you deposit your papers in websites like ReseachGate or Academia.edu.

Useful links

Surrey Research Insight: The University of Surrey’s Open Access Repository

SRI Open Access: Information about Open Access provided by the University of Surrey’s Open Access Team

Sherpa Romeo: This allows you to easily search for journals to consult their open access posting policies.


Rogers (2015) How do scientists share on academic social networks like ResearchGate? http://blog.sciencebite.com/how-do-scientists-share-on-academic-social-networks-like-researchgate/ [accessed 19/06/2015]

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